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Meet the Team

Neil Mossop

Neil Mossop

Neil began his beekeeping career by helping his father for minimal remuneration.
He has owned and operated his own beehives since he was 16 years old. It was at this young age that he pioneered kiwifruit pollination in 1972.

He then progressed to a partnership with his father and finally to purchasing his father’s share in 1981 with his wife Wendy.

He has seen many changes in the Beekeeping industry during the past 46 plus years and remembers the simplicity of the old days with its many challenges. Including very good and very poor honey seasons, earthquakes and the varroa mite incursion in 2000. Although Neil resigned from the day to day running of the business in 2017, he still works with the beekeepers a few days a week, and supports Duane and Wendy in an advisory capacity on a regular basis.

Neil is a former member of several beekeeping industry groups: (1) the NBA Executive Council which he served on for 6 years, (2) the AFB PMP (American Foulbrood Pest Management Plan) Management Agency and (3) the Federated Farmers Bee Industry Group (commonly known as B.I.G.). He resigned from these organisations last year when he decided it was time to pursue his interest in Missions more extensively.

Neil’s interests are: his family, Mission Outreach which he is now director of, his international Mission involvement in Nepal, and taking care of his lifestyle block and forests.

Wendy Mossop

Wendy Mossop
General Manager

Wendy has assisted Neil in the business since 1977. In 2003 Wendy became the General Manager responsible for exports and finances, and overseeing most other areas within the business except the beekeeping team who Neil was responsible for. Since 2017 when Neil semi-retired to pursue other interests Wendy has taken on all the duties associated with running Mossop’s Honey.

In her spare time, Wendy loves spending time with her family and grandchildren, is the treasurer for Mission Outreach, and goes overseas each year, on Mission trips to Nepal with Neil.

Renee shipton
Factory Manager

Renee is the Factory Manager at Mossop’s Honey. Renee oversees the day to day running of the factory.  Renee also oversees Extraction where we spend a few months every year working 24 hours shifts extracting the honey in a timely manner.  No job is too big or too small for Renee.

Buzzy Bee Range

Jaimee Brady
Packroom supervisor

Jaimee is our Packroom Supervisor and oversees the whole process from packing the honey to labelling the honey.  Jaimee runs a very tight ship in the packroom and stockroom ensuring that all our honey meets our high standards.  Jaimee picks and packs the honey and palletizes it for our export orders.


Beekeeping Administrationand Compliance Coordinator

Jordan’s role is varied and he is kept busy managing the flow of information and records in most departments within Mossops Honey. As a beekeper Jordan has a wealth of knowledge and works closely with both the Beekeeping teams and factory staff, to ensure all traceability is maintained from the hive to the finished product. Although most of Jordan’s time is spent at headquarters, he is known to throw on a Bee suit from time to time.

Tessa Forlong
Office Manager

Tessa is responsible for coordinating the smooth running of the office, assisting the General Manager, social media, accounts and assisting with customer inquiries, orders, invoicing, and dispatch.

Ali McKelvie

Ali has returned to the Mossop’s Honey team after a year away exploring the South Island. Ali assists with the general running of the office as well as customer inquiries, orders, invoicing, and dispatch.

Ali can also be found helping out in the factory when needed.

Alison Harding

Alison Harding

Alison works part-time helping out with general duties in the office .  Alison also does the manufacture of Mossop’s skincare range, Natruel.

Chris Dunnery
Beekeeping manager

Chris is the Beekeeping Manager for Mossop’s Honey.  Chris manages a fantastic team of beekeepers and they work hard at looking after our bees throughout the year.  Chris also oversees our Pollination programme and liases with landowners throughout the North Island.

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