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Natruél Skin Care - SALE NOW ON

Natruél Skin Care - SALE NOW ON

Our 100% Truely Natural Honey skin care range, natruél is great for all skin types!

The Story: Natruél was a twinkle in Mossop’s General Manager Wendy Mossop’s eye in 2002, when her then 83 year old mother used Mossop’s UMF™ Manuka honey to heal the wound from a skin cancer operation on her ankle. After a couple of months, the wound had completely healed and the skin around the wound was soft, supple and as smooth as a baby’s.
This opened Wendy’s eyes to the amazing benefits of honey internally and externally. It was decided then that Mossop’s needed to develop a chemical free skin care range using UMF™ Manuka honey as the main ingredient.
Five years later, in November 2007, Wendy’s dream was realized and natruél was available for women worldwide to enjoy.
The Name
When natruél was in development there were numerous names presented and discussed. Mossop’s wanted to represent that this product was truly natural and that they were not hiding any nasties at all. Combining the two words true and natural, the name natruél was created.

Sometimes you just need to say NO! Here at Mossop’s we say NO to the nasty chemicals. Natruél contains NO parabens, NO artificial fragrances, NO petroleum derived products, NO synthetic ingredients

Say YES to the nourishing goodies that you will find in natruél: UMF™ manuka honey, rewarewa honey, cold pressed olive oil, cold pressed flaxseed oil along with many other lovely ingredients you want to say YES to.

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