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5 Manuka Honey Health Benefits

5 Manuka Honey Health Benefits


A spoonful of sugar may help the medicine go down but what if the sweet stuff was actually the remedy?

NZ Manuka honey has been dubbed “liquid gold” due to its natural and unique composition that can help to support a healthy lifestyle. At Mossop’s Honey we have been proudly making some of the highest quality Manuka honey products in the world, right here in Tauranga, for over 70 years.

What Makes NZ Manuka Honey So Good for Your Health?

Methylglyoxal (MG/MGO) is one of Manuka honey’s secret ingredients, although it may sound like something created in a laboratory, Methylglyoxal naturally occurs in high-quality Manuka honey and is what makes Manuka so special and highly regarded.

If you are buying Manuka honey for its health benefits then pay attention to whether it has a UMF® grade and label on the product. The highest quality Manuka honeys have a UMF® rating of 5+ to 20+.

The UMF® label is a quality trademark and a sign of higher-grade honey.


1. NZ Manuka Honey Can Help to Improves Sleep

A study by the National Centre for Biotechnology Information in 2017 suggested that Manuka honey can help to promote a deep and restful slumber by slowly releasing glycogen which is needed for essential bodily functions during sleep.

Sleep is pivotal to our health and wellbeing and there are a host of disorders that are associated with poor or constantly interrupted sleep such as heart disease, type II diabetes and stroke.

Manuka honey consumed before bedtime can help the body to release melatonin into the brain which is necessary for a deep sleep and helps to reduce the risk of more serious sleep-related health issues.

2. NZ Manuka Honey Can Compliment IBS Treatment

In 2008 Manuka Honey was shown to complement IBS treatments. The Chandigarh Postgraduate Institute of Medical Education & Research found that Manuka Honey could help to reduce colonic inflammation and could help to restore lipid peroxidation.

3. NZ Manuka Honey & Acid Reflux

Due to its natural antibiotic qualities, Manuka honey can support the treatment of certain bacteria-related ailments such as acid reflux, low stomach acid and SIBO (small intestinal bacterial overgrowth) and promoting a good digestive balance.

If you are searching for a natural product to balance your digestive system, high-quality Manuka honey may well be the answer.

4. NZ Manuka Honey & MRSA

Cardiff Metropolitan University researchers found that high-grade UMF® Manuka honey could potentially support treatments for the superbug MRSA (Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus).

The researchers discovered that Manuka Honey “down-regulates genes of the MRSA bacteria”. Regular topical applications of UMF® Manuka honey on cuts and infections may help to keep MRSA at bay, naturally.

5. NZ Manuka Honey — Burns, Wounds & Ulcers

According to published research by the National Centre for Biotechnology Information “The use of honey (can) lead to improved wound healing in acute cases, pain relief in burn patients and help decrease the inflammatory response in such patients.”

Because of its rich antioxidant and antibacterial properties, Manuka honey can help to prevent certain infections and ulcers and is can be effective in promoting wound-healing times.


Mossop’s Honey — Quality Honey Since 1947

New Zealand Manuka honey’s unique composition sets it apart from all other honeys in the marketplace. But the best bit? It tastes delicious!

Like buying any quality product — beware of imitations — not all Manuka honey is made equal.

If you are buying Manuka honey for its incredibly unique and natural benefits always look for the UMF® label on the product and always buy from a reputable source like Mossop’s New Zealand Manuka Honey.

At Mossop’s Honey we have been making the highest-quality New Zealand Manuka honey since 1947. We are a Tauranga-based, family-owned and operated business and we are proud of the beautiful honey that we produce.

If you are on the hunt for quality UMF® Manuka honey browse our online store or buy direct from our Mossop’s Store in Tauriko.

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