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JCI Co Ltd
Shimoshakujii, Nerima, Tokyo 177-0042, Japan

JCI is a Tokyo-based importer and distributor of Mossop's honeys in Japan.
Its reach extends from the northerly island of Hokkaido near Russia to Okinawa in the East China Sea, and from Tokyo on Japan's Pacific coast to several prefectures on the Japan Sea coast.

Mossop's honeys can now be found at the Kitano Ace food boutiques, the Biople by CosmeKitchen stores, the Fresh & Fine natural food stores, and at selected Pompadour and other bakeries that also stock high-quality spreads. They are also available at the Shinanoya Shokuhin supermarkets in Tokyo, the Pantry and Lucky supermarkets in the Kansai (Osaka, Kyoto, Nara, Kobe) region, at the Rosemary cosmetics stores throughout Japan, and in the catalogs of Anzen Style and Hankyu Department Store.

Though the most popular Mossop's honeys in Japan are the various grades of Manuka, recently Rewarewa and Field and Tawari honeys have begun to win a wider following. Mossop's honeys are especially welcomed not only because of their exquisite taste but also because consumers can see the link to the producing apiary in the product. JCI continues to expand Mossop's presence in Japan through a program of in-store tastings.

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Phone: 0364271228


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