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Honey-based skin care provides sweet success

Honey-based skin care provides sweet success

Wendy Mossop and daughter Charity Tan plan to take Natruél to the World

Wendy Mossop and daughter Charity Tan plan to take Natruél to the WorldWhen modern treatments failed to heal a wound on her elderly mother’s leg, Wendy Mossop applied an acient remedy – honey – and it worked.

“Mum’s leg was not getting better so eventually we used our honey. The difference within 24 hours was amazing,’’ said Wendy, who with husband Neil owns Mossop’s Honey, Tauranga.

“What also impressed me was that, when the wound finally healed completely, the skin was baby-soft and wrinkle-free. This fascinated me, and the concept of making a skin care range from our honey was birthed’’ she said.

When Wendy researched what was in most skin care products on the market, her resolve to create a totally natural range increased.

“I was astounded to find that many cosmetic brands claim their products are ‘natural’ but for the sake of cost actually use synthetic natural ingredients and some ‘natural’ products may have only one ‘natural’ ingredient in them,’’ she said.

Wendy had the drive to create honey-based natural products but not the technical skills. The problem was solved when she was able to employ a Taiwanese woman.

“She was trained in the development of cosmetics but had to change her whole approach when I told her what we wanted – a totally natural product with no synthetics ingredients. We are a Christian company and I believe Michelle and the formulation she created were answers to our prayers,’’ said Wendy.

The Mossop’s Natruél range was released in 2007 and has been selling well within New Zealand, with plans to release it internationally soon.

The products are safe to use, Wendy said, and were for men and women and young and older skins.

The range includes products which incorporate Manuka UMF® (Unique Manuka Factor) honey, propolis, extra virgin olive oil, cold pressed avocado oil and essential oils.

They do not contain synthetic chemicals, emulsifiers, surfactants, stabilizers, thickeners, or solvents, have no petroleum derived ingredients, no silicon, no artificial preservatives, no parabens, and no artificial fragrances, colourants or Genetically Modified Organisms, and are not tested on animals.


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