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Mossop’s Honey, 65 years of sweet success

Mossop’s Honey, 65 years of sweet success

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If you were looking for a successful family owned and operated business, you’d have trouble moving past Tauranga-based Mossop’s Honey.

Mossop’s Honeys success story is one that goes back 65 years ago, built on a solid foundation of family values and loyalty, the right product, plenty of foresight integrity, technical expertise, and a rare dedication.

beekeeping edit hiveMossop’s Honey was started by the late Ron Mossop in 1947 when he purchased his first beehives. By 1952 the world of beekeeping had captivated his heart and he owned over 600 hives. In the early 1960’s he and his family shifted to the Bay of Plenty from the Waikato and established the little road-side honey stall at Tauriko, selling their delicious honey to both locals and customers from the far north to the far south, who wanted only Mossop’s fine honey to spread on their morning toast.

In 1981 youngest son Neil and his wife Wendy took over the family business, and over the next 32 years twice upgraded the old stall that was started in 1968 and introduced 60+ new products, flavours and sizes. As clientele grew so did the stall and July 1997 saw the opening of Mossop’s new Honey Shop with its fascinating Live Bee Display, wonderful array of Mossop’s Honey and other bee related products.

Mossop’s Honey shop in Tauriko is the public profile that doesn’t truly justify the true size of the business, which manages a large number of hives and exports into 7 Countries. They also manage every aspect of the honey making process, from hive to honey pot. “Because we’re involved in all aspects of honey production, we have more control over the quality of the honey,” says Neil Mossop, Managing Director, “We use a unique honey processing method developed by my father, that keeps the natural goodness and flavours of the honey intact.”

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In addition to producing and selling a variety of honeys and bee products to both National and International markets, Mossop’s Honey has launched its own, 100% natural, honey-based skin care range, natruél.

natruél was the twinkle in General Manager, Wendy Mossop’s eye in 2002, when her then 83 year old mother used Mossop’s UMF® Manuka honey to heal the wound from a skin cancer operation on her ankle. After a couple of months, the wound had completely healed. “After seeing how soft, supple and smooth the skin healed on Mum’s leg I decided then and there that we needed to develop a truly natural cosmetic range, using honey as the main ingredient,” says Wendy Mossop, cofounder of natruél skin care. “It’s a truly unique and natural product, without any chemicals, synthetics or preservatives. Many products which claim to be natural may contain only one or two truly natural ingredients. Most of these products use synthetic ingredients, because they are cheaper.” Wendy explains.

Five years later, in November 2007, Wendy’s dream was realized and natruél was launched in New Zealand.

Neil has an active role in the beekeeping industry as a member of the NZ National Beekeepers Association and National Pest Management Agency. He took advantage of the burgeoning kiwifruit industry in 1972, by pioneering kiwifruit pollination services and become one of the industry’s largest suppliers of beehives.

Together Neil and Wendy with the help of their children have grown the business in all areas. Their vision is to produce and supply top quality honeys and bee products that are pure, natural and 100% New Zealand because they care about their customers well being and are proud of their heritage.


Q&A with Neil & Wendy Mossop

Neil and wendy1. What do you enjoy most about being in the bee industry?
“I enjoy the bees, they are a very fascinating insect that produces a beautiful, pure natural product – honey. I also enjoy working outdoors in a clean, green environment.” – N

2. How do you insure your honey is true to label?
“When we harvest the honey we code all our boxes from the apiary site where it is produced and keep each  batch in separate drums. Before packing the honey it is graded by colour, taste and our UMF® Manuka is independently tested by a laboratory to verify the true nature of the honey.” – W

3. Why is Mossop’s Honey highly sought after on the International market?
“Often times, internaional customers are seeking a family company with high standards and good service. Over many years we have gained respect for the quality of our products and the service we provide. Again this year, we have seen our exports increase by 30% and our national sales by 50%.”  – W

4. What is Mossop’s Honey doing at present?
“This week we opened our new packing facility. The recent upgrades in our factory will allow us to double our packing capacity.” – N

5. Can we expect to see more products from Mossop’s Honey?
“Yes, we are always looking at new innovative products to add to our present range of honey and health based products, to meet our customer requirements.” – W

6. Did you expect to be where you are now, 10 years ago?
“If you asked us this question 10 years ago, we never would thought we would be doing what we are now. Wendy, I and our children are proud to be a 100% family owned and operated business with high ethics, values and service and have done very well competing in the national and international markets. We are a third generation business and our children are wanting to continue the family tradition.” – N

7. Where can people buy Mossop’s Honey products?
“You can purchase Mossop’s products from our Honey Shop in Tauriko, Tauranga or online at
Our products are also available through selected supermarkets and health shops.” – W


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