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What is Manuka Honey?

What is Manuka Honey?


How is Manuka Honey Produced?

Manuka honey originates from New Zealand and is produced when bees pollinate the Manuka bush Leptospermum scoparium which is also known as the New Zealand tea tree.

Where is the Manuka Tree Found?

The Manuka tree is found throughout New Zealand but is more common in the drier climates of the Central North Island and along the far East Coast of the country.

Why is Manuka Honey Good for Your Health?

In recent years Manuka honey has been globally recognised as one of nature’s super foods thanks to its incredible antibacterial properties and its natural methylglyoxal composition.

While most honeys are praised for their natural health benefits, New Zealand Manuka honey has been shown to support your health and wellbeing.

How is Manuka Honey Graded?

To ensure your Manuka honey is of the highest quality, always look for the UMF® label on the product.

The UMFHA (The UMF Honey Association) is an independent body that provides an unbiased analysis of the Manuka honey industry by appointing auditors that regularly check and analyse honey samples from the marketplace to protect customers from counterfeit products.

Over several years the UMFHA have undertaken years of research to identify the signature compounds found in genuine, high-quality Manuka honey (like Mossop’s honey) to future-proof the industry.

If you are buying Manuka honey for its benefits then always look for a UMF® 5+ and above rating label. Manuka honey can be purchased without the UMF® rating (it will still taste delicious!) but if you are after the benefits of high-grade Manuka then use the UMF® labels to guide your decision.

Beware of imitations, if you are online or in a store and the label has health claims but no UMF® rating then it is highly likely that it does not have the required levels of methylglyoxal to make those claims.

To be safe, always buy from a UMFHA registered producer like Mossop’s Honey.

Mossop’s Are Trusted Producers of New Zealand UMF® Manuka Honey

We have been making quality Manuka honey products for over 70 years. Our family-owned and operated business produces honey that is sold around the world in countries as far away as the U.K, U.S.A, Japan, Malaysia and Singapore (and of course in New Zealand).

Mossop’s is UMFHA registered. Our UMFHA license number is 1021 and is found on all of our UMF® Manuka Honey products.

What Makes NZ Manuka Honey So Special?

Methylglyoxal (MG/MGO) is one of Manuka honey’s secret ingredients, although it may sound like something born in a laboratory, methylglyoxal naturally occurs in high-quality Manuka honey and is what makes Manuka so special and highly regarded.

UMF® is a trusted Manuka honey grading system that measures the level of methylglyoxal inherently present in the honey. It is important to note that not all Manuka honey is equal — certain Manuka honey ranges may not meet the threshold of UMF® levels required and are considered to be of a lower grade.

For the best Manuka honey always choose UMF® labelled Manuka honey to ensure you are getting the best possible product.

The higher the UMF® rating the higher the grade of honey.

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UMF 20+ 829 20
UMF 15+ 514 15
UMF 10+ 263 10
UMF 5+ 83 5

*MGO is measured as mg/kg (ppm)
**NPA is measured as % solution (%w/v) of phenol/water

Manuka honey’s unique composition sets it apart from all other honeys in the marketplace. But the best bit? It tastes delicious!

Like any quality product, beware of imitations. Not all Manuka honey is made equal.

If you’re buying Manuka honey for its unique and natural composition always look for the UMF® label.

Mossop’s Honey — Quality Honey Since 1947

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