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Who Are Mossop’s Honey New Zealand?

Who Are Mossop’s Honey New Zealand?


Who Are Mossop’s Honey New Zealand?

Mossop’s is a 100% New Zealand owned and operated business that has been crafting some of the finest Manuka honey and other New Zealand honey varieties for over 70 years.

A Closer Look at Mossop’s Honey

The Mossop’s honey journey began in 1947 when Ron and Noeline Mossop began with just a couple of bee hives. Local customers couldn’t get enough of the honey that Ron’s hardworking bees were creating so, to keep up with demand, Ron bought out another beekeeper and grew his hive number to 600 in just a few short years.

Ron managed these hives during the weekend as he was a shift engineer at the Waharoa dairy factory but soon made the move to Tauranga in the 1960s and opened up a honey stall in Tauriko for local customers. In 1980 the Mossop’s name was one synonymous with quality New Zealand honey and its popularity meant that staff had to be employed to keep up with the growing demand.

1980 saw the taste for our honey extend beyond New Zealand shores as we began to export our sweet produce overseas.

How Big is Mossop’s Honey Now?

Mossop’s has enjoyed considerable growth in recent decades, but it is not down to luck. We pride ourselves on staying true to our roots, we let the quality of our honey do the talking, and we are still a 100% family-owned and operated New Zealand business.

Mossop’s honey now manages over 5,000 beehives, employs 26 permanent staff and up to 20 seasonal staff based in Tauriko in the Bay of Plenty region of Tauranga.

Where Does Mossop’s Sell its NZ Honey?

Since the 1980s Mossop’s have been globally recognised for crafting some of the finest honey in the world and its products can be found as far afield as the U.K., U.S.A, Japan, Hong Kong and various other Asian countries.

Of course, a large proportion of our honey is sold right here in New Zealand.

Click here to find your local Mossop’s honey supplier.

What Makes Mossop’s NZ Honey So Good?

At Mossop’s we pride ourselves on our unique processes and we do not over-filter, over-process, over-heat or over-stir our New Zealand honey.

The desire to ensure our honey is as natural as possible is what makes Mossop’s honey so sought after around the world and our minimal process means that all of our New Zealand honey is classed as raw honey.

The Mossop’s Honey Process

The majority of honey producers process their product by creaming the honey. This process involves creaming the honey through machines that continuously operate for 2-3 days. This process effectively changes the natural crystals in the honey and adds air.

At Mossop’s honey we do not cream our honey or blend it for several days, instead, we only stir it enough to combine the honeys thoroughly then allow it to naturally granulate in a temperature-controlled room.

This minimal approach to processing our New Zealand honey means that the structure of the honey remains intact as the bees created it and the honey’s natural nutrients are not removed.

As a result of this process, our New Zealand honey tends to be firmer in cold weather and of a slightly different texture than creamed honeys.

The New Zealand Environment

New Zealand is a very special place and produces some of the finest foods (including honey) in the world. This is partly down to its pristine environment and unique geographical location far away from larger countries.

We source our honey from around the Bay of Plenty, the east and lower coast of the North Island as well as from the central North Island as this is where the plants that produce our honey naturally grow.

Mossop’s travel up to 6 hours one way to our honey locations. We produce our honey far from the cities in clean and green pastures, in native bush and in the hills far away from any pollution — all to ensure your honey is of the best possible quality. This is one of the reasons Mossop’s honey is so special.

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Mossop’s UMFHA Registered New Zealand Honey

Mossop’s New Zealand Honey are proud to be one of the first companies to be licensed to be able to use the UMF® trademark on our NZ Manuka honey.

UMF® is a grading system that measures the level of methylglyoxal present in honey. The UMF® logo found on selected Manuka honey products (such as Mossop’s UMF® Manuka range) is a quality trademark and a sign of higher-grade Manuka honey.

It is important to note that not all Manuka honey is made equally — certain Manuka honey ranges may not meet the UMF® threshold and are considered to be of a lower grade.

Always look for the UMF® logo for the best Manuka honey.

Who Are Mossop's Honey New Zealand?

Mossop’s New Zealand Honey Since 1947

Mossop’s have been producing some of the finest quality honey in the world since 1947.

At Mossop’s, we believe the best type of honey is raw, natural honey. We process our honey as little as possible to maintain its natural flavour, colour and goodness.

Want to know even more about the Mossop’s story? Click here for a little more background or why not visit the Mossop’s Honey Shop in Tauriko and view our live bee display!

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