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Mossop’s New Zealand Honey

Mossop’s New Zealand Honey

Mossop's New Zealand Honey

Mossop’s is a family-owned and operated company that has been making some of the finest quality honey in the world since 1947. At Mossop’s we are extremely proud of the honey we produce and we have a wide range of beautiful NZ honey available.

From NZ Manuka honey to Rewarewa honey, field honey to delicious blended honey — Mossop’s is a trusted UMFHA registered business that has been crafting New Zealand honey for over 70 years.

Is Honey All the Same?

When many people think of honey they assume that all honey is made equal — it’s made from bees and it’s the same around the world.
However, there are many, many different varieties of honey and at Mossop’s we create the extremely popular New Zealand Manuka variety, as well as rewarewa, field, and blended honey.

What is Rewarewa Honey?

Rewarewa honey is made from the nectar collected by honey bees from rewarewa flowers. Mossop’s Rewarewa Honey is produced from New Zealand’s native honey suckle tree and has a beautiful dark amber colour and a full-bodied, caramel-like flavour.

What is the Rewarewa Tree?

The rewarewa tree (Knightiaexcelsa) is a honey suckle tree native to New Zealand. Rewarewa are commonly found in lowland and hill forests throughout the North Island of New Zealand usually below an altitude of 1000m, some rewarewa trees are found in Marlborough Sounds.

The rewarewa tree is an attractive and slender tree that can grow up to 30m tall. The rewarewa flowers closely resemble bottlebrush but are more maroon in colour. The rewarewa flowers’ sweet scent and nectar attracts many native birds (such as the distinctive Tui) as well as honey bees.

At Mossop’s we source our rewarewa honey from the lowlands and the foothills of the wider Bay of Plenty region.

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What is New Zealand Manuka Honey?

New Zealand Manuka honey is produced when bees pollinate the Manuka bush (AKA the New Zealand tee tree or Leptospermum scoparium).

The Manuka tree is found throughout New Zealand and Manuka honey has been globally recognised for as one of nature’s superfoods thanks to its antibacterial properties and unique chemical composition.

One of Manuka honey’s secret ingredients is methylglyoxal (MG) which naturally occurs in high-quality NZ Manuka honey and is what makes Manuka so highly regarded. For the best Manuka honey always choose UMF® labelled Manuka honey to ensure you are getting the best possible product.

The higher the UMF® rating the higher the grade of honey.

Want to know more about Manuka honey? Read our blogs “What is Manuka Honey?” and “5 Manuka Honey Health Benefits“.

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What is New Zealand Field Honey?

New Zealand field honey is honey sourced from a variety of wild flowers (such as clover and buttercup) growing on and near New Zealand farmland pastures.

A honey bee’s favourite plant to visit are those with blue, purple, white and yellow flowers. Honey bees can’t see the colour red (it appears black) but reddish colours such as orange and maroon can be seen.

Honey bees prefer plants that produce a flower with a single row of petals — this make it easier to land and retrieve all that delicious nectar.

What is Blended Honey?

Mossop’s blended honey is where we blend other ingredients that is not found in honey such as ginger.

The Mossop’s honey and ginger blend is a popular product in our honey range. Shop for this delicious blend here.

How is Mossop’s Blended Honey Made?

Mossop’s honey and ginger is made using Mossop’s field honey and blended with a specially processed ginger in order to maintain the natural flavour and goodness.

The root or underground stem of the ginger plant can be consumed fresh, powdered, dried as a spice, in oil form or as a juice.

Mossop’s honey and ginger combines the sweetness of our field honey along with the aromatic spice of ginger.

We process the honey as usual, then thoroughly stir in the other ingredients to create a new and interesting flavoured honey. We use ingredients that are food-safe and natural.We do not use any artificial flavours — Mossop’s only use high-quality and natural ingredients.

Looking for a versatile and honey that is excellent for use in herbal teas, marinades or stir-fries? Visit the Mossop’s online store.

How is Mossop’s Honey Made?

All honey is made from the nectar collected by the bees from plant and tree flowers. In the case of rewarewa honey, it is made from the nectar of the rewarewa flowers, the Manuka tree for Manuka honey, and from clover, buttercup, and blackberry for field honey.

Honey must pass into the honey crop of several bees before it is ready to be placed in a cell in the hive where other bees fan the moisture out until it is at the right moisture level.

The bees then seal the cell with beeswax.

Beekeepers then take this sealed honey and extract it in specialised machinery and store it in drums until it is needed for packing into honey jars.

Want to see how Mossop’s makes honey in New Zealand? Watch our video or visit the Mossop’s honey shop in Tauriko and see our live bee display!

Shopping for 100% pure raw New Zealand honey like rewarewa, Manuka, and field honey? Visit our online store and shop our delicious range of New Zealand honey.

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Mossop’s honey is delicious liquid-gold produced from the nectar of flowers within the beautiful South Pacific setting of New Zealand’s native bush and pasture lands.

With its crystal clear lakes, rivers, oceans, and snow-capped mountains often forming a clean, green picturesque back drop for our beehives, we proudly supply 100% raw New Zealand honey of the highest quality to countries around the world.

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