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Age Replenishing System

“I enjoy using NATRUÉL, its an easy and quick routine for my busy lifestyle. I look forward to the scent and feel of the product on my skin.” Jenny Milson

“I have found my skin is more balanced and feels so soft with a healthy glow. The products have an awesome fragrance and a small amount goes along way. I would recommend this product to anyone” Evelyn

“Having very sensitive skin I have had no reaction to the Anti-Aging day Lotion, I love the smell and my husband really loves it too. My beauty therapist and husband have both complimented me on how ‘well’ my skin is looking after a month of using NATRUÉL. I feel my skin looks younger and feels softer.” Deborah

“I am so pleased with the anti-aging system. I had deep pores and indents on and around my nose, cheek area close to my nose and also down the centre of my face from nose to chin. These have lessened so much. With less definition my skin looks smoother and therefore younger. I feel safe using NATRUEL, no chemicals gives peace of mind.” Janice

" Mum resently used a Natruel Age Replenishing Day Lotion sample. After the use of this sample the sores she had on her face (I believe it's sun damage), are much improved. They have stopped paining her and are not so raw - one in particular she could not bear to touch - she says this is now so good that she feels she can wash her face properly for the first time in ages. For someone in her mid-seventies to be getting this benefit is just fantastic!" Koly P.

"Fantastic product. I use it every day and it keeps my face lovely and soft". Tracey Brown (New Zealand) 30 April 2013

Repair System

“Having been treated for acne rosacea with many products from the pharmacy, and I have found  NATRUÉL to be far more effective than any prescribed item.” Karen R

“Since using  NATRUÉL my face has became softer and my skin is a lot clearer. The dermatitis on my face has improved and I'm no longer feeling itchy”  Karen J

"I have used the skin repair night essence in the last 2 weeks. I have noticed my face has now got "suppleness", it is easier to apply foundation and my skin tone looks better than before" Miyuki

"Great on your face :)". Pamela P (Wellington, NZ) 19 April 2013

Other natruel products

"Just wanted to say I think your product is lovely. I had a friend comment on how wonderful my skin looks and I've been using it for about a week now. Had never considered natural products before but am well and truly hooked now. It smells great too." Leona

“I was recently introduced to Natruél skin care products and was impressed by the ingredients listed on the labels. I requested and was furnished with your full fact sheets on ingredients used in the range of Natruél skin products and became more impressed…..I have been using these Natruél Skin Care product systems for two months now and continue to be impressed. The cream textures are light, non-greasy, absorb quickly and I enjoy the natural fragrance. Client feedback has been positive and our Day Spa Natural Detox Centre therapists enjoy working with these products.” Debs Chase-Paterson, The Day Stay Natural Detox Centre.

“I have had a lot of trouble finding a lip balm which works for chapped lips. Within a few hours of using some of a friend’s Natruél Lip Balm, my lips where smooth and no longer chapped. I went and brought my own tube the next day and it’s been great!”  Jaime-Anne, Chemistry Technician, Lip Balm.

"Thanks so much. Found your product here in Petone at the NZUnique gift shop on Jackson St. I have had moderate rosacea for many years, but find these really help ease the pain that goes with it. Am sending a small bottle to a friend in Timaru who has it as well, hoping she finds some relief. Many thanks for the prompt dispatch." Faith

Have you had a great experience using natruél? We would love to hear about it. >>Click here to send your comments to the team at Mossop's